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Home page of Connect and Learn website

See our supplementary Connect and Learn Website dedicated to providing information that will be of interest to our members.
It contains lots of courses and links to sites of general interest, all of them FREE !

National U3A Activities and Events web page
  • The home page of the u3a website provides the latest news, gives you an overview of u3a, shares some member stories and gives you some useful links such as to the u3a Brand Centre where you can access free non-copyright photos or buy u3a branded items like shorts, lanyards, leaflets, and umbrellas (free account required).
  • Make the most of being part of u3a by getting involved with the many free initiatives and events offered across u3a.  Learning for Everyone is a good place to start. The programme changes seasonally.
  • We also have a u3a Radio podcast which is available on a variety of podcast platforms. If you subscribe or follow it, you will receive notification when a new episode is released. Here are u3a Playlists on YouTube.
  • If you already run a group for Sevenoaks u3a and would like some fresh ideas or if you have been considering running a group for Sevenoaks u3a but not sure where to start, we have a team of over 70 volunteer Subject Advisors who can help and advise you.
  • To access National Events go to this area of the u3a website where you will find links to the events. For instance this year u3a are holding their very first Festival in York from July 18th to July 20th. Three action packed days are planned. Read all about it here Festival 2024. The Festival is open to any u3a member from anywhere in the country.
  • u3a offers a variety of educational events on a first-come, first-served basis. What would you like to join? Many online events are being delivered via the Zoom video conferencing/webinar platform. We have some 'How to Guides' and are offering 'Online Tutorials' for using Zoom that may assist you if you are not familiar with this tool. You can also subscribe to get early email notifications of upcoming educational events. Just click on the link on the Events page. There are still places available on many of the events listed.
  • There are a number of Research and Shared Learning projects that u3as and individual members can participate in and you can find out more about them by following the link.
  • U3a communities is a free online platform enabling you to take part regularly lively meetings on a wide range of topics.
  • Interest Groups Online (IGO) offer online activities to any u3a member or non-member who joins this group. It is part of the national learning provision. Members of local u3as like Sevenoaks can join IGO, the fee is £12 for the year. To see what’s on offer check out Interest Groups Online
  • Finally, if you don’t already do so you may like to subscribe to the national u3a Newsletter email, scroll to the bottom of the u3a main page by clicking on this link u3a website
Kent U3A website home page

The Kent U3a network is a forum for exchange of news, information, and to share ideas with the u3as with the aim of keeping our U3As vibrant and forward looking.  

The U3a South East Region and U3a South East Forum provide support to the county and local U3a groups, including events such as the U3a South East Regional summer school being held in Chichester this year from September 2nd to 5th 2024.