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Monthly meeting

Event type: Meeting
Date: 24th April 2024
Time: 2:00pm
Venue: Bat and Ball Community Centre

Our speaker this month is Andy Thomas, who gave us an excellent illustrated presentation in January last year covering the story of English Freedom. This time he will be telling us about “Lewes and Bonfire Night.”
Illustrated with his own spectacular photographs, Andy delves into the origins of Bonfire Night and its importance to the historical Sussex town of Lewes, renowned for hosting the biggest 5th November festival in the world, revealing the enthralling rituals and events which make its colourful and controversial mix of folklore, liberty issues and extravagant humour unique. Andy, born and bred in Lewes, uses his inside knowledge to give an insightful glimpse into Bonfire Night and this vibrant town, full of mystery and tradition.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Bat & Ball Centre, with tea and biscuits being served afterwards.
I do hope you will join us.
Barbara Coleyshaw speakers@sevenoaksu3a.org